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Trans Am Modifications
Updated: December 01 2019

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Notice the accumulation of black soot above the left tailpipe. There is no soot above the right tailpipe because that exhaust exit is blocked off routing ALL of the exhaust gasses through the muffler and out the left side. The exhaust system from the CAT back was made by Borla.
...no it's not running 'rich'. The engine was rebuilt as a 383 stroker motor and used some oil from 'day one'. Hopefully this issue will be resolved after this rebuild!
Here is my car backed into the garage ready for the second rebuild.
The hood uses a pair of gas struts to hold it open.  Mine have COMPLETELY lost their charge and need to be replaced.  I'm using a piece of PVC cut to the appropriate length to prop the hood open.
I've removed the throttle body in the pic to the left.  Notice the ignition wires routed over the valve covers?  I had to run them there because of the Borla headers.  I'm installing a pair of new MAC headers this time and expect to run the ignition wires in their original position along the sides of the engine block.
Check out that valve train.  Comp Cams all the way... good stuff!  Heads are CNC ported and work nicely on this 383.
Most of the under hood 'clutter' has been removed at this point.  Also at this point... it occurred to me that the engine  -- which I'll pull with the transmission still attached --  would be much easer to remove had I parked the car in the garage nose first.  Notice the broken right fog light?
Decided I REALLY wanted the car nose first in the garage.  Wasn't sure if this would work or not, but I tried using a floor jack to 'roll' the back-end around.
Hey, it WORKED!  And it wasn't that difficult.
One floor-jack strategically located and I was able to shove the car around by myself!

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