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Long-EZ Flight
Updated: December 01 2019

Out of the hanger and preflight under way.  Temperature was about 50ish? Engine start and warm-up These two guys work w/each other at Delta as A&P mechanics. Ron --in the red jersey-- is the aircraft owner. Jim is in green. This Long-EZ is powered by a Lycoming O-320 and holds about 50 Gal. of fuel. Lined-up on the active and cleared for take-off. Nearing take-off speed.
Nose wheel off the ground. Climbout More climbout Looking aft over the left wing.
The world at 4000 ft.We were just under the overlying Class B airspace. Pic taken during a steep Lazy-8 turn. More steep turns... ...and more... ...and more... ...and more!!!  I'm lovin' it!
Turning Base to final. Lined-up on final. We were 'heavy' with me in the back seat so the landing speed was about 100 mph!
Taxing back to the hanger with the canopy open. All good things come to an end...