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Click on any of the dates below to see what's new at that section of the Website.  Most of the links have been dissabled though because things have changed so much as of 3/31/2014.    --Mike
Most recent additions and updates.
Updated: December 01 2019

15Aug18 Added a new page to the "Math of Life" section to list all of the words that add up to 100%. Went through every page on the site and did a bunch of code/css updates to fix some "issues".
17Sep17 Replaced irrelevant quotes in the Calculators section of the site with more relevant quotes for that area. Did a bunch of code/css cleanup.
29Jul17 Recoded the Myers-Briggs Personality Descriptions page so that the content loads via AJAX calls instead of reloading the whole page.
29Jul17 Recoded several of the pages to make the headers load dynamically. This won't affect the appearance of the site in any way. Fixed a bunch of broken links.
7Apr14 Made a bunch of new random quotes available in the aquarium section.
7Apr14 Got some of the Aquarium pages back online... specifically, the 300 gallon aquarium rebuild!
5Apr14 Reformatted the Corvette page to match the Trans Am page.  Okay, so I did the ZX-12R page too...!
5Apr14 Pushed the new PHP version of this site out to the server today.  Updates should be a LOT easier to make now!
19Mar14 Pulled the plug on Microsoft hosting and migrated to Linux hosting. Got some broken links and stuff to fix but such is life.
10Dec12 Added jQuery lightBox image viewer to the site. Nice! Check it out on the Corvette page.  (Click on an image.)
9Dec12 Added an online Planisphere to the Astromomy section. It's COOL!
7Dec12 Added a calculator to the Aviation section that calculates fuel savings by flying off-airport to buy fuel.
19Oct12 Added a two new aquarium water change calculators to the calculators section.
28May12 Added an Astronomy section to the site and created a page to calculate and display the phases on the moon.
21May12 Added my L-29 flight to the aviation content.
21May12 The Random Quote box on the Home Page will now update when clicked.
20May12 Brought back some more aviation content. This time, my Long-EZ flight!
20May12 Began resurrecting the Trans Am section of the site and added just a little content.  Not finished yet...got a LOOOOOOONG way to go!
17May12 Began resurrecting the Flight Simulator section of the site and added publishers AETI and DID. Only 18 more to go...
11May12 MAJOR enhancement to the menu on the left side of all pages! Entries open 'accordion' style to show subentries.
6May12 Added a link to my School projects page on the main menu and made it password protected. (page removed 4Apr14)
28Apr12 Added an 'Ohm's Law' calculater to the calculater section.
28Apr12 Added a whole bunch of new categories to menu on the "What's In My Email" page.
22Apr12 Added "Math of Life" to the calculator page.
5Apr12 Designed a new banner for the home page using PhotoShop.
20Jul11 Started a new section dedicated to performing calculations of various kinds...
4Jan12 Gave the entire site a small facelift... mostly just styles and colors.
4Jan12 Changed the title of "Fun Stuff" to "What's in My Email?" cuz, that's where all that garbage came from!