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Trans Am Modifications
Updated: December 01 2019

Suspension/Handling: G2 adjustable panhard bar (removed)
  Adjustable panhard bar, Road Tech.  
  G2 4 point engine bay brace  
  G2 anti-sway bars  
  G2 Torque Arm  
  Hotchkis trailing arms  
  G2 Drive Shaft Loop  
  IRS Terminator subframe connectors  
  Prothane end link bushings  
  Energy Suspension motor mounts  
  Energy Suspension trans. mount  
  Energy Suspension front control arm bushings  
  Eibach Pro Kit suspension springs (removed)
  Sumotomo 245/50ZR16  
Functional/Convenience: CAGS "Skip Shift" disabled  
  Auto Meter Dual guage pod (to be installed)
  Auto Meter Z series 2" boost gauge (to be installed)
  Intellitronix Air/Fuel ratio guage (to be installed)
  Auto Meter Quick-Shift Lite (to be installed)
  Summit RPM Activation Switch (to be installed)
Engine/Short Block: Callies "Stealth" (= to Racemaster) forged steel crankshaft 3.750" stroke, s/n 37440/3750, casting 7AA  
  Callies forged rods, 5.850 length  
  JE/SRP forged pistons, flat top, p/n 146998 (manuf job #178993)  
       • bore: 4.030  
       • stroke: 3.750  
       • rod length: 5.850  
       • compression height: 1.285  
       • weight: 452g  
       • pins: 927-2750-15-51S  
       • locks: 927-042-CS  
       • rings: 1/16, 1/16, 3/16  
  Melling oil pump, high volume, std. pressure (40 psi), p/n M-55HV (removed)
  Melling oil pump pick-up tube: 5/8" 55-S1 (removed)
  Melling oil pump, std. volume p/n MEL-M155  
  Melling oil pump pick-up tube: MEL-155S  
  Total Seal gapless second rings p/n 369003501-08 TS1 8cyl (removed)
  Total Seal gapless top rings (removed)
  Clevite 77 cam bearings p/n SH-1349 S  
  Federal Mogul main bearings (Callies FM350) p/n 139 M (removed)
  Federal Mogul rod bearings (Callies FM2100) p/n 8-7100CH (removed)
  Clevite 77 main bearings MS-909 P-2  
  Clevite 77 rod bearings CB-663 P-2  
  Milodon main bearing cap stud kit  
  LT-4 timing chain set  
  TPIS ZZ9 cam, 212 int. 226 exh. 112 lobe sep. (removed)
  Comp Cams custom cam, 218 int. 224 exh. 114 lobe sep.  
  Fel-Pro gaskets  
  ARP Main bearing cap stud kit p/n 234-5606  

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