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I'm building an experimental aircraft from a kit in my garage!  It's called a Van's RV-9A and you can follow my progress here.  Lots of other aviation stuff coming soon.
I bought this Corvette in November 2003.  It's a 2003 Z06.  The only modification I made to it was to add a Hurst Pro 5.0 shifter.  More pics inside.
1995 Trans Am
This is my 1995 Pontiac Trans-Am.  I bought it in June of 1996.  It's been modified...  and then unmodified... Read more about it inside.
2000 ZX-12R
I couldn't resist this one!  I've always loved the crotch-rockets but waited until one came out that had everything I wanted... 6-speed transmission, fuel injection, over 1000cc.
1967 Mustang (Bluebonnet Special)
I sold this car to the same person from whom I bought it-- a friend of mine. This Mustang has a VERY interesting origin and will be restored to an as-new (Texas Blue Bonnet Special) condition.   I'm going to follow the progress so stay tuned!
Tropical Fish
I replaced my old 125 gallon aquarium (right pic) with a 300 gallon aquarium (left pic). I had a new aquarium stand and canopy custom built by a local cabinet maker specifically for this aquarium. Amazingly...  after about a year, the aquarium failed... See how I took the aquarium apart and rebuilt it inside!
Here's where you'll find some pretty cool stuff relating to personality.  Ever wonder what your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator might be?  Find out inside!
Computer Flight Sim Games